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Volodymyr Bondarenko

Web Technology Expert
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    Volodymyr Bondarenko

    - HTML, CMS;
    - PHP;
    - Java Script, DOM, Ajax, jQuery;
    - SQL, MySQL;
    - Python;
    - Java;
    - Linux, Unix.
    Бондаренко Владимир (Bondarenko Vladimir)

    Bondarenko Volodymyr is a master student in NTUU "KPI" ITS (Kiev). 

    In May 2012 he gained scholarship from Ministry of Education of Ukraine for studying abroad. And now Volodymyr takes part in international master program "Distributed system engineering" in Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden). So he also lives in Dresden. 

    Volodymyr designs web application for over eight years. He have already developed more than thirty projects. He created software for administrating web systems(CMS) - Flash-point, developed software (Folium) for managing electronic archives. Folium is patented in Ukraine and has conformance certificate ISO/IEC 25051:2006. Folium is used in some companies and institutions. 

    Volodymyr took part in international scientific conferences in IT sphere, such as CriMiCo, TCSET, "Problems of telecommunication", "Electronics and nanotechnology", "Modern Problems of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications". Became the winner in web design competitions.


    My projects

    National Museum of Taras Shevchenko
    Software product Folium
    Service selection of films LookForFilm.net
    Online Shop Systemnik.net.ua
    Company site Digital Land
    Electronic Archives of Ukraine
    Elit-Realty - real estate sales

    Last articles

    Analysis of Approaches Used to Raise Productivity of PHP Programs
    It is common knowledge that PHP is one of the most popular technologies for the creation of Internet-projects. At the same time, it is quite demanding towards the hardware of application servers. Hence, as the popularity of such web-resource increases with time, there might happen a “critical moment,” when the server would stop responding to requests.
    Information resources rating increasing technique
    Abstract - The work is devoted to investigation of the algorithms for the automated determination of web-based information resources rating. It is based on the analysis of changes in the algorithms of search engines search queries results over the past five years. The report also considers the developed technique of the Internet web sites rankings improving.
    Methods of development tools for administering Web sites
    In this paper we propose to consider methodology of the creation software for administration of web resources. Unlike many existing solutions, this approach involves the establishment of the minimum necessary intake of functions in the most ergonomic way. During work was created a universal product that can be used with any web sites. This development has been implemented and tested on a web project of comparative analysis of content management systems FindCMS (CMS, Content Management System).
    Analysis and method of friendly URL in the development of websites
    Abstract -In the work the advanced variant of Friendly URL (URL rewriting) implementation and the improved methodic of its deployment is considered. Given technology increases web-systems resources perception and enhances search systems page relevance.

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